"We have been clients of Household Solutions for the past five years. The quality of their work is consistently very good and they are extremely reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them."

Jane Wolfson
Cambridge, MA

"I have used the services of HH Solutions for over four years now, both for my own home and for special projects on rental properties, and have been more than satisfied. They are reliable, effective, on-time, cost-efficient, and flexible, in addition to being warm and friendly, and they deliver what they promise. Without hesitation I would recommend them for both home and commercial applications."

Larry Bloom
Newton, MA

"We have known Tonya for many years, since the inception of Household solutions. We have recommended her without reservation to close friends and new neighbors.
What she does most brilliantly is to customize so keenly to individual household needs.
Most people prefer a blitz approach where a team comes in a super cleans your house.
I prefer however, one person to stay longer, enabling them to run laundry through. We have had the pleasure of the same housecleaner Gladys for many years. She is pleasant, hardworking and extremely trustworthy.
Each week, Tonya is so willing to prioritize whatever needs to be done.
Gone are the days of I don't do windows. Instead, it is ,"What would you like done special today"

The Hornstein Family
Westwood, MA

"I have been a customer of Household Solutions for 7-8 years. Tanya Bustos, the owner is always very accommodating if our specific cleaning needs change from one week to the next. She gives excellent customer service and is very responsive to our needs."

Lisa Brown
Medfield, MA

"Household Solutions have been cleaning my home for nearly 10 years! They are reliable, trustworthy, and provide thorough cleaning. I rarely have to give any instructions, unless there is something out of the ordinary that I would like done, and in those cases, my requests are always met. Tanya and her staff are always respectful and provide thorough service. They are entirely dependable; I have never had a cancellation! It is a pleasure coming home to my clean house after they have been here!"

Jo Ann Skwartz
Needham, MA

"When the wonderful woman who had kept my old Cambridge house sparkling clean for more than a decade decided last summer to retire, I was devastated. The house is large, I have a busy husband, a teenage child still living at home and a demanding job to which I must commute. How would I manage to keep a clean home... and my equanimity?

Fortunately a dear friend told me about Tanya Bustos and Household Solutions; they had been cleaning her house for a number of years. She raved about Tanya and her cleaning service. So that is how Tanya Bustos and Household Solutions came into my house and life this past summer.

I couldn't be more pleased! Ms. Bustos is organized, pleasant, cheerful, efficient and thoroughly professional. At first I feared that I would have to take the time to "train" her, but in fact it was she who "trained" me, providing me with a modest list of necessary supplies, and explaining just how her crew would proceed.

She and her crew come to my house once a week to clean rooms on our three floors, and they do the job splendidly. They come promptly and get right to work, moving swiftly from room to room. The work is thorough, and the house always looks wonderful when they leave. When I have special instructions I just phone Tanya a bit ahead of time, and she makes sure that my needs are taken care of.

I am so very impressed with Tanya Bustos and Household Solutions, and am grateful as well. Ms. Bustos has shown herself to be an extraordinarily reliably, trustworthy and highly commendable business woman and manager, and her crew is uniformly excellent. Congratulations to all of them!"

Nina Tumarkin
Cambridge, MA

Household Solutions is my cleaning service. Their people are pleasant, dependable, honest, and efficient. And above all, they do an excellent job of keeping my home clean.
That's why I have employed them for more than four years.

D.S. Alberts
Boston, MA

Household Solutions is a dependable, thorough and exceptional cleaning service that I have been using for over 7 years.

Karen Brassil
Medfield, MA